Our tranquil clinic has specially trained staff in the art of Chinese remedial treatment in the Kensington area. The remedial massages in Adelaide were invented in China and are also called Tu Nai massages.

We have a range of various meridian massages that range from light to deep tissue and even pregnancy. Chinese remedial treatment can also provide you with special packages customised especially for you. We offer free consultations with no obligation so come on in and see us!

More Details Please!

Our trained massage therapists will work with you to figure out exactly what depth of massage you need. We have extras available as well such as adding heat rubs, aromatherapy, or hot stones. The remedial massage is designed to target pressure points and provide you with perfect relaxation and stress relief.

If you are short on time and high on stress, consider one of our 30-minute massages. If you are indulging in a self-care day, consider one of our longer 60 to 90-minute massages. You can even consider adding a facial or a body contouring treatment.

Lighter massages are good for pregnancy, stress relief, anxiety, mild injuries, increasing the lymphatic system flow, and all around good health and well being.

Deep tissue massages work in the deeper muscle layers and fascia. These types of massages are for treatment of strain and injuries of the joints and tendons as well as other things. Keep in mind deep tissue massages are more therapeutic than relaxing. Benefits include lowering high blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, treat back pain, manage labour pain, alleviate arthritis discomforts, and many other things.

We look forward to assisting you on your way to health, happiness, and beauty. Call us at 1300 408 778 or read more about our services on our Ausline Clinic website.