Many of us at one time or another realize we need a massage therapist. Whether you have an acute problem or the desire to maintain a healthy body massage therapy helps. Most people who go for a critical problem realize the many benefits they are receiving and continue, making therapeutic massages a part of their good health regime and maintenance. There is also a variety of massage type therapies for every need.

Everything you need to know about massage therapy

Massage feels excellent and provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits as well. Psychological benefits of massage include reducing stress creating a cared for and comforted feeling. A massage consists of various types of pushing and rubbing onto the skin. These manipulations help to manipulate tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

Massages can be light or deep depending on your needs. Below is a description of how massages ease your body and mind into a better state of health.

Sports massages are similar to Swedish massages and geared towards aiding in the treatment of sports injuries.

Swedish massage consists of relaxing strokes, vibration, gentle manipulations, tapping, deep circular movements and kneading of the muscles. This massage helps you to feel relaxed yet energized.

Trigger point massages are great for those muscle knots we all hate. It focuses on those tight balls of muscle fibers that form from overuse, injuries or possibly skeletal misalignment problems.

Deep massage. This one sounds very relaxing, doesn’t it? If you have injuries o or muscle damage or are just in need of a very deep treatment, you will love this. It includes forceful and slow strokes, which reach way down to the deeper muscle layers and connective tissues.

With this information in mind, we encourage you to explore the possibilities. Enjoy and improve your health with one of the various massage techniques we provide. We promise to improve whatever it is that ails you. Call us on 1300 408 778 or Book your session now.