Are you looking for a massage therapist in Kensington? Come and visit us and discover the best in Chinese massage techniques. We use a Chinese massage technique called Tui Na. Tui Na opens up all the blocked channels of your body as acupuncture does. This process is necessary for health and the prevention of disease.

Ausline Clinic Massage therapist Adelaide is a serene clinic that will guide you on your path to health, wellness, and beauty. Our Adelaide massage therapists offer Tui Nu in various forms. You can request a light relaxing massage or a deep tissue reparative massage depending on your needs. Our Adelaide massage therapists can help you to put the perfect package and program together designed just for you.

Massage therapist Adelaide in Kensington- Details and services

We have much more to offer than just light or deep tissue massages. There are extras that we can provide. Heat rubs are an excellent addition to the massages or you can try an aromatherapy massage for that extra sense of relaxation. We also offer hot stone massages. The massage uses oils, hot stones, and the heat from the stones helps to relax your muscles for a more profound result.

Massages range from 30, 60, to 90 minutes, the 30 minute includes back neck and shoulders. The others are full body. Other services can be enjoyed such as facials that include peeling, exfoliation, a deep cleanse, steam, and mask.

If you are looking for body contouring, we have a non-invasive method of reducing a dress or pant size! We use the SCIZER N8 body-contouring machine, which yields impressive results. The SCIZER treatments will melt fat cells below the skin all the way to the subcutaneous layer. For best results, we recommend a package of multiple treatments.

Let us help you on your journey to health and well-being and contact us for a free consultation and personalized recommendations. Call us at 1300 408 778  or Book a session now.