Like any other body massage, an aromatherapy massage helps improve your well-being by reducing life’s stress and muscle tension. It does this by breaking up tension in your muscles, relieving pain caused by scar tissues and even reducing anxiety and lower blood pressure. But what exactly is this type of massage or in other words what is an aromatherapy massage? Well, it’s basically a Swedish massage therapy that uses a blend of essential oils. Typically, it involves the use of lotion or massage oil that contains essential oils that are beneficial to your body. A perfect example of a massage or aromatherapy oil commonly used is the tea tree oil.

During your massage session, you end up either inhaling or absorbing the lotion or massage oil used. By doing so, your body reaps benefits of these oils like helping relax your body and mind. Preparing for an aromatherapy massage is very important as it helps ensure you reap the full benefits of your body massage. Surprisingly enough, preparing for this type of massage is not that difficult.

Below you will get tips on how best you can prepare for an aromatherapy massage. Follow these tips and you will walk into your next massage session ready to reap the full benefits of it.

Hydrate Your Body Properly

Ensuring that your body is well hydrated before your massage session is very important. Why? Well, in every aromatherapy session you go to, your body is bound to be dehydrated. It’s not just this type of massage that dehydrates your body other massages do so as well. You can think of massage sessions as being dehydrating in nature. Hence, it is very important to hydrate before your aromatherapy massage session. Furthermore, hydrating helps in easing pain and stress during a massage session.

Hydrating also helps in ensuring that essential oxygen and nutrients reach their destination. If you don’t hydrate, the process of flushing built up toxins from your body becomes hard. Why is it important to break and release built-up toxins? Well, built up toxins prevent the flow of essential oxygen and nutrients.

In case you are wondering, the toxins in your body are as a result of inflammations due to stressed muscles. When your massage therapists massage you, he/she loosens up your muscles thus breaking and releasing built up toxins. This ultimately allows blood, oxygen and nutrients to circulate freely during your body massage.

You also need to ensure that you hydrate after your massage sessions. Similar to hydrating before a massage, this helps flush out released toxins from your body after a body massage. Make sure you don’t consume any food before your body massage.

Know The Aromatherapy Massage Products

Knowing all/some of the products used during a massage session is one way to prepare for an aromatherapy massage. In most cases, you will be asked to give input on the products you want your massage therapist to use on you. If you have familiarised yourself with aromatherapy massage products, picking the right product for you will be easy.

When settling on the right aromatherapy oil, make sure you go for a massage oil that fits your need. For instance, if you want to ease anxiety and stress, go for oil-scented massage lotions or oils for your body massage. One of the things you should consider when settling on aromatherapy oil is allergies. Make sure you go aromatherapy oil that you are not allergic to. You can always consult with your massage therapist or a doctor before settling on your preferred massage oil.

If you are not familiar with the products used during aromatherapy sessions, feel free to ask your massage therapists. Agreeing on the products at hand for your aromatherapy massage session allows you to reap the full benefits of your massage therapy.

In some cases, you can even request for the massage techniques you want. There is even an option of going for a deep tissue massage. This ultimately helps increase the chances of you reaping the full benefits of your aromatherapy massage.

Wear The Appropriate Clothes

Wearing appropriate clothes can also increase the therapeutic effects of your aromatherapy massage. The key when dressing up for a body massage is wearing loose comfortable clothes. It is important to wear loose clothes as it helps with the relaxation. Think of it as starting the relaxation process once you leave your home. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that you’ll be asked to undress at the massage parlour.

Wearing loose clothes will help make the process faster and easier for you. If you are not in a position to wear loose clothes, consider carrying them with you. This is even more important after a massage because you don’t want to feel restricted. It also helps in ensuring that you enjoy the healing properties of your massage session over a long period.

Feel Free To Voice Your Opinion

One way of ensuring that you fully enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy massage is by voicing your thought. By voicing your opinion I mean talking with your massage therapist during your massage therapy. By doing so, your massage therapist will be able to make you feel better during your session.

You should also communicate with your massage therapists if you feel or believe they are applying too much pressure. We all have different skins and as such, we might react differently to certain levels of pressure. If you feel like the massage therapist is applying too much pressure during your body massage, don’t hesitate to tell him/her. If you are receiving massage services from a licenced professional, he/she should be able to adjust accordingly.

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