Deep tissue massage Adelaide has many benefits including the following-

• Alleviates fibromyalgia symptoms
• Breaks down scar tissue
• Decrease arthritis symptoms
• Helps manage labour pain
• Lowers high blood pressure
• Muscle rehabilitation for athletes
• Reduces anxiety
• Stress relief
• Treats back pain

It also enables you to recover from a sports injury.

What Makes Deep Tissue Massage Adelaide Special?

Here at the Ausline Clinic, we provide traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology. Let us guide you on your health and beauty journey for a happier and healthier you. One of our many popular services is the deep tissue massage.

At the Ausline Clinic, our massage therapists specialize in meridian, or Tui Na, remedial massages. A remedial massage is a Chines massage that is wonderfully addicting! A deep tissue massage is great as a sports massage due to its muscle rehabilitation qualities. The deep tissue massage involves deeper pressure from the massage therapist. This deep massage pressure includes all layers of muscles instead of just the surface muscles. Surface muscle massage therapy is primarily for relaxation purposes but therapeutic and healthy as well for mind and body.

A deep tissue massage Adelaide also can help connective tissue and allow the therapist to manipulate the fascia. The facia is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing the muscle. This type of massage can result in amazing changes and improvements in your muscles and any problems you may be having with them.

A Tui Na massage will also target pressure points. Pressure points are located in various points of the body and applying pressure to them helps to balance your life energy, called qi or chi. Meridians carry this energy from point to point. If one or more is blocked or out of balance the result is pain or discomfort.

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