There are two kinds of Chinese massage, “Tui Na” and the “Zhi Ya.” At the Ausline Clinic, we specialise in the Chinese massage method of Tui Na. Practitioners believe that Tui Na helps the energy flow in the body thus relieving stress and preventing diseases.

Not only will you feel relaxed after a Chinese style massage but you should also feel a sense of vigour. This is because the energy in your body is flowing.

The Science Behind Chinese Massage

Chinese massage has the same philosophy as acupuncture. The purpose of working on channels of energy in the body and unblocking them if necessary. These energy points are responsible for effectively transporting energy and blood throughout the body.

In this way the balance is achieved, protecting you from infection and diseases. Your masseuse can seek out areas that are blocked and need pressure to release them.

Regular Tui Na massages can treat severe conditions such as cardiovascular problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic low back pain. Massages also relax you and create psychological benefits in general.

The Tui Na method is very relaxing because it involved stretching, kneading and pushing of your muscles. This is why we prefer this type of massage. It can also be applied with deeper pressure depending on your needs. The Chinese massages also help you to recover from sore and injured muscles. The recovery happens because the massage brings blood to the affected areas. This helps to get rid of lactic acid build-up, which is the cause of soreness.

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