The Ausline Clinic not only provides traditional Chinese massage therapy but also is also proud to announce its body contouring services along with other beauty treatments such as facials. We all want to feel good as well as look good, and here we provide it all.

What is Body Contouring?

The ability to contour the body is virtually painless with the use of a machine called the N8. By using negative energy, you obtain contouring results by the device using negative pressure as well as high-frequency radio waves that vibrate fat cells and in turn firming the skin, reducing cellulite, and contouring your body into a slimmer, firmer you.

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Come and relax in our soothing environment and enjoy the results that you will obtain from this modern technology. Results will be seen with the use of this machine alone or along with an exercise program for those seeking more drastic effects.

You can expect to drop a clothing size, and we recommend multiple treatments. The beauty of this treatment is there is no surgery or anything invasive involved. You can melt and destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous level as well as the benefits mentioned above. You will see maximum results within three months.

We offer package deals; the more you buy, the more you save. Come and talk to us about the many benefits of using the N8 machine and how it can help you personally to gain the body you always wanted.

We look forward to receiving you and giving you a personal consultation as well as show you the facilities. We can customize a treatment package just for you. Call us at 1300 408 778 or read more about our services (body contouring- Body Contouring Available at the Ausline Clinic Adelaide) and experience our hospitality and state of the art treatments on Ausline clinic’s website.