About Us

We may not be the magician who could bring forever youth to you, but we are the guardian for your health and well-being.


Specializing in authentic Chinese remedial treatments such as meridian massage, moxibustion, cupping and hot volcanic stone massage, we offer every client the best customized treatment plan. Our therapists are fully qualified in orthodoxy Chinese medical treatment and trained in both Australia and China.

We insist using traditional Chinese medical theories and health-preserve methods to heal sub-healthy syndromes whether it is insomnia; headache; depression and anxiety; back pain; arthritis; high blood pressure; chronic pain or constipation-Studies also show the extraordinary benefits in improving physical discomforts as well as mental anxieties caused by seasonal changes.

We also offer tailored facial treatments along with the Chinese Remedial Treatments as well, which are theoretically guided by traditional Chinese medical cosmological methods that emphasize facial conditions are the direct reflects of your body system and inner circulation so that the most important step to improve facial conditions is to make your body healthy and robust.


Join in our health-preserve club, start your health and beauty journey today, and let’s make your every piece of experience here an enjoyable trip with Chinese Remedial Treatment.


“Fantastic –Raymond is really professional and I feel so great.  Loved it. Will make great gifts, Mother’s Day, Office Workers Day, etc”

_ Angela, Wong

Adelaide SA 5000

“It was so great. It was fantastic! I’d like to make another appointment for my cousin.”

_ Jodi, Lee

Kensington, SA 5068

“Wonderful and friendly staff, a lovely setting and a fantastic massage! Thank you :)”

_ Lydia Burford

Kensington, SA 5068

“First class service with goog price and friendly staff! Make me another appointment for next week please!”

_ Jeff Yap

Norwood, SA 5067

“Professional and authentic! To be honest I never knew what I was gonna take up the first time I walked in. But! It turned out a huge surprise! My therapist really professionally trained and fully experienced and caring for the patient. Thank you. 🙂 Will definitely be a regular.”

_ Weixi Zhang

Kensington Gardens, SA 5068

“Feels warm, comfortable, so  much inviting. The wonderful services you offer locally are great for our community.  Wonderful and very relaxing, just what I needed.”

_ Patrick Ho

Adelaide, SA 5000